David Smith

Head Coach

David Smith, Head Coach at Complete Cricket Coaching states “My philosophy is to keep coaching simple and enjoy the coaching sessions you are leading, build a mutual respect with the players and understand what makes each individual player work to the best of their ability.”Read more

Jamie Spires

Complete Cricket Midlands Head Coach

Jamie is a Level II qualified and Head Coach of Complete Cricket Midlands, a company setup in 2012 to expand Complete Cricket across the Midlands which included the inception of the highly successful Complete Cricket Academy. Jamie has various ongoing coaching roles within Complete Cricket including the Academy, One to One, local clubs, schools and universities.

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Nathan Edwards

Nathan Edwards, Head Coach, Complete Cricket Warwickshire

Nathan has been involved heavily in the expansion and growth of Complete Cricket taking the business into new areas. Since joining the Complete Cricket team in 2012, working as Complete Cricket Cotswold, Nathan has helped develop & grow cricket in the Warwickshire area. The result of this was in 2015, expanding & rebranding to Complete Cricket Warwickshire alongside joint Head Coach, Matt Dutton. Complete Cricket Warwickshire work in clubs and schools, stretching from Stratford Upon Avon all the way to Coventry & Nuneaton.Read more